Forever Young

by Meatweak

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some stuff I've been sitting on for a while


released November 19, 2016

drums - jonathan pelletier
not drums - william wagner



all rights reserved


Meatweak Raleigh, North Carolina

low quality garage punk by william wagner and whoever wants to play drums honestly

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Track Name: Then and now - 1862 and 1882
you're not feeling anything under those tears you pretended to shed for me. your heart's in the wrong place; your heart's so hard to place these days. you're breaking my neck. you're taking my breath away, you're taking my breath. it's a lot sunnier out now than it ever was when we were together but I refuse to see the symbology. I guess it's just another part of the weather around here. I was fooled by your teeth. I thought you were smiling when you showed them to me. I was fooled by your teeth. I though you were smiling then you bit into me.
Track Name: Wax
you looked like you were made of wax. you looked like you belonged behind glass, in a museum or something. you looked like a photograph that would come up when you google the word "sad", and considering that, I should be glad we stopped talking when we did, but I would have savored every second with you. things weren't even that bad, I just called and you got so upset. I've got blood on my hands now, and I wasn't even there when you were bleeding out. we all get mad. we all take it out on each other. we all get sad. we all end up sad together.
Track Name: Contact Sport
you know what I like. you know what I don't like. you hold your head up high. your hand is right next to mine. I don't know what you like. I don't know what you don't like. I don't hold my head up high. I like your hand in mine. I like writing songs about falling in love and other things that I have never done, and I can hold my breath for the rest of the night but I can't hold my breath for the rest of my life. I wanna be happy, so happy that I could die. I wanna be happy, happy for the rest of my life.
Track Name: Skeletons
we started talking, but we didn't know what to talk about. we kept talking, and we found out. we don't wanna party, we wanna join a cult and shave our heads. we don't wanna talk to you, we wanna learn to raise the dead, cause maybe skeletons make better friends. I'll open my mouth and pour black paint on my tongue, and you'll run around and act like your head is a gun about to go off. I'll sharpen my claws. you'll lick your teeth, and we'll both pretend that we don't know what that means. we know what it means.